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New Season // Danse Lente

New Season // Danse Lente

Danse Lente is a London-based women’s accessories label, inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture.




Translating to “slow dance” in French, the brand focuses on creating pieces of impeccable quality by only working with expert craftsman, tanners and metalsmiths.

This season we have received all of your favourite classics in punchy new colourways, as well as a new compact piece ‘Josh’.


Danse Lente Phoebe Bis Bag  

Danse Lent Mini Lorna BagDanse Lente Mini Johnny Bag


Danse Lente is exclusive to Camargue in Queensland.

Shop Danse Lente Brisbane online at Camargue Now: Discover Resort 19 in store & online now

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