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Introducing Foemina | Effortless Elegance for the Modern Woman

Introducing Foemina | Effortless Elegance for the Modern Woman

We are excited to introduce to you the latest addition to the Camargue family, Australian modern minimalist label Foemina. Derived from the Latin word for woman, Foemina captures the very spirit of femininity, blending it with a contemporary twist to create chic and structured silhouettes. 

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A Fusion of Exploration and Purposeful Design

Foemina was born from a desire to create more than just clothing; it's a modern uniform that celebrates the harmonious interplay of exploration, function, and purposeful femininity. As the seasons change, so do our inspirations, and this season, Foemina unveils a collection that is sure to captivate your senses.

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Architectural Balance and Effortless Chic

The signature architectural balance that Foemina effortlessly weaves into their designs is an element that appeals to followers who appreciate the delicate balance between structure and fluidity. This season, discover the origami-like details adorning tailored pieces that create a statement of confidence and realism. Paired with mesmerizing organic swirls of the cirrus print in fluid tencel, the Foemina designs are an ode to the modern woman's multifaceted nature.

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A Colour Palette Inspired by the Australian Landscape

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant meeting of the Australian landscape's dry land and horizon, Foemina's colour palette elegantly harmonizes muted tones of camel, nude pinks, and earthy greens. These foundational hues provide the perfect canvas for the cornflower and coral pops that echo the vibrant spirit of our unique surroundings.

Shop Foemina Womenswear at Camargue

Discover Foemina at Camargue Boutique on James Street

Camargue Boutique is thrilled to house Foemina's thoughtfully crafted pieces in Brisbane. 

Experience the allure of Foemina's exquisite designs for yourself. Visit Camargue's Boutique on James Street and explore the captivating blend of exploration, confidence, and purposeful femininity that defines the essence of Foemina. 


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