A Reintroduction | Welcome To The Next Chapter of Camargue

A Reintroduction | Welcome To The Next Chapter of Camargue
Allow us to reintroduce ourselves
Founded in 1978, Camargue [Kah-Maag], is your window into the world of luxury fashion. Our online and James Street boutiques are spaces where disciples of fashion make their pilgrimage. Leaning on clean design principles, our refreshed brand and website serve as the perfect backdrop to explore our carefully curated selection of coveted Australian and International Designers.
We are thrilled to introduce our refreshed logo for Camargue. Embracing our avant-garde spirit and innovative approach to fashion, this new design is both playful and timeless. It captures the essence of Camargue, modern yet enduring, reflecting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of style.


Our name pays homage to the enchanting French region of Camargue, renowned for its stunning landscapes, and the iconic Camargue Cross, a symbol of hope and community. This enduring emblem has inspired our new brand motif, bridging our rich heritage with the future of Camargue.

We invite you to explore our online boutique, thoughtfully redesigned to elevate your online shopping experience.

Welcome to the next chapter of Camargue.

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